Monday, September 12, 2011

Ladies' Man

by Richard Price / Picador

From the Bestselling Author of Lush Life

Kenny Becker just dumped his girlfriend—the reasons are a little complex. Young and newly unemployed, his main assets at the moment are six-pack abs and a healthy libido—he’s ready to get out, find a little action, and maybe find himself too. But New York is no place for the lonely, and with one meaningless sexual encounter after another, Kenny begins to wonder if the singles scene is not itself a complete con job, with his heart and his future at stake. Raunchy, funny, and surprisingly heartfelt, this 1978 clubland slice-of-life displays Richard Price in gritty good form.

A very nice behind the scenes interview with me at The Casual Optimist Blog on my Richard Price series designs and my photography.

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Jason Gabbert said...

I really love how these turned out. They have a great raw quality to them. And having just the title be red… perfection!

Unknown said...

reminds me of Taxi Driver. you talking to me?!?

Unknown said...
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