Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Paris Review Interviews: vol. 2 // final

introduction by Orhan Pamuk / edited by Philip Gourevitch // The Paris Review / Picador

• A PRINT's Regional Design Annual Selection

• The New York Book Show 2008 Award winner // Paperback Series

Author and The Paris Review editor Philip Gourevitch loved the yellow used on volume one and wanted us to continue the bright palette for this four volume series. I didn't want to go to red just yet and he suggested a "pool chalk" blue. This second volume will print with a fluorescent blue / PMS 801 background.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Exotics Trade // Wall and Mean

Some comps that didn't go anywhere...

...except for the very last one at the bottom right. I forgot that that was the published jacket. Thanks for the correction Francine.

by Thomas "Tom" Bernard

Art Director: Francine Kass // W. W. Norton & Co.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Watching the World Change

by David Friend // Picador

Cover photograph by Patrick Witty

• A Most Coveted Covers Selection, No. 152

This cover was just selected by as their Most Coveted Covers. Nice. Thank to Keith H. for bringing this to my attention and thank you Karen Templer for choosing Picador.

The attack on the World Trade Center was the most watched event in human history. And footage from that day came not only from TV news sources, but also from workers, tourist, and passersby, each of whose lives would change dramatically when confronted with the sights of the attacks. The author uncovers the stories behind those incredible images. The towers crumbling, people falling, fragments of the remaining structure, people frantically running from engulfing debris, firefighters raising the American flag over ground zero, and many more.
Finding the one representational image out of all of these was difficult and emotionally hard. But what they all have in common was that we all watched these images with shock and horror. I thought the cover image was the best choice for the book. Us.

Author David Friend posted his admiration of my cover design on his blog.
"For those who have resisted purchasing the hardcover because of the pricetag, now is your opportunity to obtain a light, portable copy, with a sleek new cover, designed by Henry Sene Yee, which has a bold, noir, mid-50s feel, reminiscent of film posters by Saul Bass. The graphic echo of the twin towers is evident on the spine, the title page, and even in the juxtaposition of the title and subtitle on the cover."
Saul Bass? Wow. Thanks David

Authors@Google presents David Friend // September 5, 2007