Friday, April 01, 2011

The Subject Steve

by Sam Lipsyte // Picador

Yes, I designed this ALL in COMIC SANS

Meet Steve (not his real name), a Special Case, in truth a Terminal Case, and the eponymous antihero of Sam Lipsyte’s first novel. Steve has been informed by two doctors that he is dying of a condition of unquestioned fatality, with no discernible physical cause. Eager for fame, and to brand the new plague, they dub it Goldfarb-Blackstone Preparatory Extinction Syndrome, or PREXIS for short. Turns out, though, Steve’s just dying of boredom.The Subject Steve is a dazzling debut—by turns manic, ebullient, and exquisitely deadpan—Sam Lipsyte is in company with the master American satirists.


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Ian Koviak said...

Only complete amateur designers and very experienced designers can get away with using comic sans.

It would be nice to have all the text set in comic sans too. Apparently, according to some recent university press research, setting body copy in an awful font makes the reader retain the information better...

Danilo Teles said...

Really creative the idea of this blog, congratulations. I'm a comic sans fan and I'll definelly keep my eyes in this blog, also i'll follow you on Twitter. Keep it up and good luck.

Visual Velocity said...

Your design made me want to buy the book. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Why is it in comic sans?