Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2009 New York Book Show Winner

I am pleased to announce that the Picador Art Department had some winning entries in the 2009 New York Book Show in the category of

General Trade / Quality Paperback for Individual Book Cover Design:

John Lydon's ROTTEN // Picador

Yoko Ogawa's THE DIVING POOL // Picador

Slavoj Zizek's VIOLENCE // Picador

And one of my freelance jobs for Twelve / Grand Central Publishers, Art Directed by Flamur Tonuzi.
In the category of General Trade / Hardcover Nonfiction for Individual Book Jacket Design:

Dave Cullen's COLUMBINE // Twelve / Grand Central Publishers

I'll post more about this cover soon.


Neil MacLean said...

congrats, that Columbine cover is so friggin excellent.

Anonymous said...

Columbine. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Henry. And to echo the others. LOVE that Columbine cover. Hauntingly beautiful.

Ian Koviak said...

These are all lovely and worthy of the notice. I do have to say that Columbine is my fav too. Glad the title is in white on a light backgeround. Almost doesn't need it, so it's nice that it was so subdued.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Henry. And thanks.

I wrote Columbine and I'm so proud to have that as my cover.

I had nothing to do with the cover, but feel very lucky. And nearly every person I show the book to gasps and says some version of, "Wow! What a great cover!"

Joseph said...

I really can't wait to hear more about the Columbine cover, Henry.

H3NR7 said...

Thanks all. COLUMBINE is one of my favorite recent cover design. When I see it, I'm drawn into it's quiet and haunting tone and I find myself asking, "Wow, who designed that?" HA!

Hi Dave, I'm so glad you liked your cover. I'm going to post more about it soon along with some alternate approaches.

go said...

columbine is as beautiful
as Elephant was!!
b e a u t i f u l ! ! ! ! !

Haila said...

Henry, I received the manuscript for Columbine and I couldn't stop reading it. The increasing momentum to the horrific climax and the inevitability of fate made me feel that I was reading a Greek tragedy. Archetypal. When I saw your cover I felt it was the perfect visual representation of what I had experienced as a reader. The word "Columbine" frozen in the ice blue sky has an iconic quality to it. There is an unsettling stillness to the image, as though the school, low to the ground, was the stage where soon the bloody scene will be enacted. Bloodchilling. Perfect cover. Thanks for letting Blackstone use it on our audio.