Friday, June 08, 2007

The Paris Review Interviews: vol. 2 // reject

Hand-lettering by Joel Holland

The idea for this 3-4 volume series was to keep the large quotation mark layout but visualize them in different ways. Some ideas I had floating around for the next volumes were helium balloons made into the shape of quotations marks with the type written on them with magic marker and shot floating against a blue sky. Another was to take some actual paperback books and cut them with a band saw into the quote shapes and use a black neutral gray palette.
But the Paris Review loved the first volume which was done purely typographic with bright fluorescent yellow and black. They just want me to switch it out with other bright colors. Which will still look great. Now I need to find some bright yet unusual color combos.
And I need to tell the awesome Mr. Holland that this idea was killed. But he's on vacation now. I think. Maybe he'll read this. Hey Joel, send me a kill fee.

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