Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Draining Lake

by Arnaldur Indridason // Picador

Cover photograph by Laura Hanifin

Inspector Erlendur returns in this international Bestseller

Following an earthquake, the water level of an Icelandic lake suddenly falls, revealing a skeleton. Inspector Erlendur's investigation takes him back to the Cold War era, when bright, left-wing students in Iceland were sent to study in the "heavenly state" of Communist East Germany. Teaming with spies and informants, though, their "heavenly state" becomes a nightmare of betrayal and murder. Brilliantly weaving international espionage and a chilling cold case investigation, The Draining Lake is Arnaldur Indriason at his best.

An article appeared in The Wall Street Journal discussing The growing appeal of Scandinavian crime fiction; existential malaise and bad coffee.

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Brady M said...

Been following your blog for a while now and enjoy seeing your cover art designs. This one really caught my eye - great work.