Friday, June 08, 2007

A Taxonomy of Barnacles

by Galt Niederhoffer // St. Martin's Press / Picador

• An AIGA's 50 Books // 50 Covers Best Cover Selection
• The New York Book Show 2008 Award winner

Illustration of finch bird by Pete Garceau
Illustration of sisters by Pierre Mornet // Marlena Agency

A Taxonomy of Barnacles is a modern Victorian comedy of manners—a wealthy, eccentric patriarch declares that his six daughters must compete for his fortune—and a study in social Darwinism—whoever can best carry on the Barnacle name gets the Barnacle fortune. Much of the book is devoted to the amorous to­ings and fro­ings of the two eldest Barnacle sisters and the cute Finch twins next door. It’s Balthus girls meets Charles Darwin meets The Royal Tenenbaums.

A New York Times interview with the author and her family that was the inspiration for the book.


Scott said...

Thanks for making all of us feel completely inadequate as designers.

Seriously, thanks for posting inspiration.

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mike gorman said...

as always Henry, beautiful work. You floor me over and over again.

Kelly said...

Hey Henry-

Amazing work! I've been picking up so many of your books lately. I like the blog format too.


Anonymous said...

Such a great illustration.
We don't see enough of it these days.
Anne t.

Eric Hanson said...

Domestic and exotic both. Nice art and nice use of it.

Kimberly G. said...

Great cover. The illustrations are beautifully handled.