Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Happy Book :)

by Rachel Kempster + Meg Leder

Art Director: Greg Avila // Sourcebooks, Inc.
THE HAPPY BOOK shows how to practice and celebrate happiness so you can find it when you really need it. Packed with creative prompts, wacky ideas, and hip activities, this is the ultimate pick-me-up. Packaged to encourage doodling and drawing, THE HAPPY BOOK has space to scribble thoughts, make lists, fill in the blanks, and paste pictures. This book is about creating a record of what makes you glad, whether that means '80s hair bands or hot chocolate with churros.

Fully interactive and customizable for each reader, THE HAPPY BOOK allows today's social networking fans an offline outlet for play. From photo scavenger hunts to cake baking to finger painting, everyone's happy formula is unique. THE HAPPY BOOK enables readers to celebrate and share whatever gives them wall-to-wall joy.

This is a happy book I designed for my friend Rachel. I'm going to put in drawings of the World Series Champion NEW YORK YANKEES. Because THAT, makes me very happy.

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Ian Shimkoviak said...

now we are working for the same people. What a curious project for you to work on. I like. Bubbly!

rachel.kempster said...

Thanks, Henry!! I love the jacket to pieces. It makes me super happy :)