Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Forgotten Patriots

by Edwin G. Burrows

Art Director: Nicole Caputo // Basic Books

Jacket painting:
The Nation Makers, 1903 (oil on canvas) by Howard Pyle (1853-1911) © American Illustrators Gallery, NYC / The Bridgeman Art Library

Listen to this audio clip to learn more about Howard Pyle and the background story of the painting.

Alternate idea:


sixfive said...

Nice, I really prefer the cover you went with as the final. The other comp looks French with that red-to-blue.

The Book Designer said...

nice and appropriate.

Prof. Burrows said...

The author thinks it's great!

Brandon Hill said...

Beautiful job, i'm curious, what kind of paper stock was used (or will be used) for the cover?

H3NR7 said...

@ sixfive: The Art Director and I both thought the alternate idea was interesting. But it did suggest France too much.

@ Prof. Burrows: Thanks. It's always great to know that the author is pleased with their cover.

@ Brandon Hill: Thanks Brandon. There wasn't any budget for jacket effects so I scanned in some parchment paper.

Er-H said...

I've always wondered if E.A. Abbey was a bit colorblind. His palette tended toward red and green. Or it might have been the color process of the time. I remember reading about Norman Rockwell painting Post covers for that red/green/black process of theirs. But N.C. Wyeth had a much broader richer mixture of tints even in his dark pictures in Treasure Island.