Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One More Year

by Sana Krasikov

Art Director: Emily Mahon // Spiegel & Grau / Doubleday

Photography by Henry Sene Yee

The brilliant Emily Mahon was my former assistant and in this role reversal, for the first time EVER, she is Art Directing me. She did a great job.

A short story collection centering around the lives of immigrant families, many from Soviet Georgia. Emily thought it would be great to use one of my photographs on the cover to show the lives of these characters stuck in a rut. I decided to create still frames of my time-lapse movies. Showing the mundane but still beautiful, calming passage of time.

This time lapse clip was captured outside my window on a hazy, humid night on July 30, 2007.

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hope said...

Great concept and beautiful execution! The repetition and subtle change of the still frames (which feel slightly off balance to me even though I don't think they are) is perfect...

Social Network Web Design said...

I love the simplicity in the variations.

Ian Koviak said...


Serena said...