Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Bonfire of the Vanities: final

by Tom Wolfe // Picador

Cover photograph by Jeff Spielman

• A redesign:related selection with links to original hardcover designer/illustrator Fred Marcellino.

The corporate kingdoms of New York City printed over metallized stock to make it look like a city built of tarnished gold.
I was thinking Ayn Rand by way of Donald Trump.

Tom Wolfe to be judged by his 10 reissued covers // USA TODAY

“Hats off to Henry” for those designs.
Tom Wolfe


go said...


karen said...

once again great looking type in perspective.

where's Olga's illustration though? too bad it didn't make the cut on this. hope you plan another collaboration soon.

Ian Shimkoviak said...

I like this final result the best. The others look like a lot of whats out there already. This hits you over the head with some cool perspectives and bold type.

Over the top, monumental. This cover hangs you over the city in all it's glory. Good work. Even if it's not your fav.

studiosmith said...

Assuming white foil for letters, or it's not a metallized stock, rather a metallic foil. Right?

H3NR7 said...

Hi Barry,
the cover is printed on a paper stock that's coated with a metallic silver foil surface. The white type is achieved with 2 hits of opaque white ink. It's like soda can printing. Under printing the 4/C with screen tints of opaque white is often used to control the amount of glimmer. It's hard to photograph the gaudy gold effect of this comp without getting your reflection. But check out the actual piece on the bookshelves.

studiosmith said...

Will do. Thanks for the stats. See ya at the bookstore. Appreciate the post.

rima said...

there's definitely some ayn rand in there. kudos! i like the bonfire one though :)

Sergio said...

I saw this in the Strand the other day and had to buy it. I liked the design when I first saw it on here, but it's an absolute knockout in person. The production takes the concept to a whole 'nother level. (Great to hear how it was achieved, too!)

This sucker is going into rotation on my inspiration/reference shelf at work. Awesome cover, Henry.

James Perales said...

Awesome! Congratulations. When I come here looking for inspiration I always find it.