Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Johnny One-Eye

by Jerome Charyn

Art Director: Chin-Yee Lai // W. W. Norton & Co.

Brief Descriptions:
Double agent John Stocking is seventeen when the novel opens in 1775. The son of a legendary, pipe-smoking whorehouse madam (a real historical figure) whose "nuns" cater to both rebel American and British military men, Stocking is a scholarship student at King's College. Working as a scribe composing love letters for high-ranking soldier, he has been caught breaking into George Washington's camp, and is accused of poisoning Washington himself. Historical characters including Washington, Hamilton, both General Howes, and a parade harlot dart in and out of the story, which features the burning of Manhattan by the British.

Direction: Strong, bold, edgy, fun and sexy.

The publishing house thought this was a wonderful cover for the title but unfortunately it was killed by a major bookseller buyer. Oh well.

I based my silhouette on the portrait of George Washington at the Battle of Princeton, 1781, by Charles Willson Peale.


Su said...

The buyers can get a cover vetoed? That's news. Does that happen often?

go said...


C Tobias said...

Unfortunate that it got canned, because that is one great cover.

Jonathan said...

B&N buyers kill covers all too often.
What became the final cover?

karen said...

Its beautiful. I guess it will have to join the vault with the white The Illuminator cover

Anonymous said...

Sales have to understand designers create trends, good designer do not follow their 3 years ago creation.... I think this is a stunning cover! I am sure they will regret when the sales number drop.

studiosmith said...

I'm thinking it might be time for you to start start telling buyers how to do their job, how to sell, how to communicate, etc. Why do designers let other disciplines even have a say? In reality I understyand the specififc behind how this happens, but it never ceases to amaze me how sales is given way too much credit for everything.

This cover is breathtaking and would stop anyone in their tracks.