Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Am Charlotte Simmons

{ Front cover }

{ Step back behind front cover }

{ Wraparound Art }

by Tom Wolfe // Picador

• An AIGA's 50 Books // 50 Covers Best Cover Selection
• The New York Book Show Award winner

An interview I gave that appeared in The Book Standard discussing the repackaging of Tom Wolfe.

Cover design & Illustration by Henry Sene Yee + Olga Grlic //

The French language edition, Moi, Charlotte Simmons:


Liz said...

I love your book covers! I remember loving Middlesex last year, esp. the negative shapes. Great book. I'm reading Charlotte Simmons now. Again, I love the negative shape of the female figure, this time, die-cut to show the title page of the book. The imagery of natural objects- branches, flowers, vines, birds? is provides great texture too, with that gloss! Brilliant look.

JDM F.F.C said...

I am actually the proud owner of the not paperback (since we don't really have hardcovers here) French version. It is really beautiful and faithfull to your original concept.

I discover this blog today. It's already one of my favorite.